“Don’t Think, Just Shoot” — Why I’ve Partnered With Lomography

There are few brands swimming upstream stream in a sea that is pushing faster and faster towards the digital, but a longstanding leader in that swim has been Lomography.

Backed by their proclaimed motto, “Don’t Think, Just Shoot,” they stand proudly on their 10 Golden Rules, which is exactly what caught our eye.

The company, based in Vienna, Austria, made a clear and bold stance to do things differently and that is why we had to build a partnership.

I certainly feel like I was created based on one resounding principle, much like Lomography, to challenge the norm.

We see two things wrong:

  1. ) Much of our society normalizes the way it sees millennials, which is lazy, subordinate, and representers of most of what is wrong.
  2. ) The notion that your life has to be lived only through a predestined route, through the 9–5.

The world needs to hear more stories of the young, the daring, and the talented, trying to build something of value.

Their own way.

Here is all that I am involved in as a millennial trying to defy the “millennial” stereotypes:

I’d love to hear more about what you are involved in or up to, so drop your comments below!



▫️ Art director & Social Engineer | 👨🏾‍💻 @AdvertisingsNotDead

▫️ Art director & Social Engineer | 👨🏾‍💻 @AdvertisingsNotDead